James M Findlay began his career in Sound & Music from a young age recording himself with a small tape recorder singing a song he’d written while playing his father’s acoustic guitar.
His love of music and sound have been intertwined with recording ever since.

After attending York University and Humber College for Music Performance & Composition, James began getting more involved in the recording side of things and ventured into recording live bands and doing Live Sound Mixing. These experiences sparked a thirst for knowledge and led him to attend The Harris Institute for Audio and Post Production.

Through a number of years experience and a multitude of Projects, James has carved out a niche for himself as a Location Sound Recordist, Composer and Sound Designer/Mixer for any Sound for Picture application.

His credits include Short Films, PSA’s, Art Installations and Advertising for brands such as Playstation, Uber, Canon, 3M, Indigo, TD and Toyota. You’ll find James working out of his Post Production Studio or out in the field, and he’s always thrilled to be working in Sound & Music in any capacity.